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Car Park – Northern General Hospital

One of our first jobs of 2018 was a great start to the year, even due to the unfortunate bad weather, we still managed to carry out works on the car park that had sunk at the Northern General Hospital. With all our team here at Jole groundworks we worked very hard together to fix the problem.

A number of the car parking spaces had sunk causing trip hazards which we had to make safe for the people visiting the hospital. From our experience we new this was more than likely due to sitting water (Bust water main or drain). From this we used a CCTV device to check out the drains underground and found the problem.

It was a cracked drain that caused the car park to sink. From using the CCTV device we new where to find the cracked drain, before starting excavation we CAT scanned the area to insure we didn’t disturb any other services when digging for the broken drain. The excavation ran smoothly, we found and repaired the drain just before the snow arrived.

We then Re- instated the pavers which made is safe for us to re-open the car park at the Northern General Hospital. Another job well done.

Hopefully the bad weather has gone, get in touch for all aspects of Groundworks, Demoltion, Drainage, Grab/ Plant Hire. 07960919622.